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TyreSafe - Tyre Safety Month

Proudly Supporting TyreSafe: Promoting Tyre Safety for Safer Roads

At TyreSafe, we're dedicated to promoting tyre safety and raising awareness about the importance of regular tyre checks. With a focus on preventing incidents and saving lives, TyreSafe provides valuable information and resources to drivers, industry professionals, and policymakers alike.

About TyreSafe:

TyreSafe is a UK charity committed to reducing the number of incidents caused by defective or illegal tyres. Founded in 2006, we collaborate with government agencies, road safety organisations, and industry partners to deliver impactful campaigns and initiatives that highlight the significance of tyre maintenance.

- Over 6 million tyres in the UK have illegal tread each year, which could lead to a fine of up to £2,500 per tyre and 3 penalty points.  

- £1 billion worth of fuel is wasted in the UK annually due to underinflated tyres. This accounts for more than 50% of the tyres on the road and doesn't even consider excessive wear and the premature requirement to replace them.

- Over 2 million MOT failures occur each year due to tyre defects, with one million classified as dangerous. Tyres are the primary cause of MOT failures in the first seven years of a vehicle's life.   

- 152 people are killed or seriously injured in accidents related to defective tyres every year. Shockingly, this figure is on par with mobile phone-related incidents. 

- 1 in 5 vehicle breakdowns on motorways and A roads result from tyre defects. This equates to roughly 50,000 breakdowns each year on the motorway network alone.  

These are not just statistics; they represent lives, financial losses, and unnecessary inconveniences. 

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3Source: DFT - latest figures from the  Reported Road Casualties GB Report September 2023
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The Importance of Checks:

Tyres are the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road, making them a critical component of road safety. Regular tyre checks are essential for maintaining optimal performance and reducing the risk of accidents. From monitoring tyre pressure to inspecting tread depth and overall condition, simple checks can make a significant difference in ensuring your safety on the road. TyreSafe urges all drivers to A.C.T. on tyre safety with the following checks:

Air pressure – The air pressure of each tyre should also be checked using an accurate gauge. Typically, car manufacturers recommend two different tyre pressures, one for light loads and another for when the vehicle is fully loaded. It’s essential that drivers adjust the pressures to accommodate the load they are carrying. These settings can be found in the vehicle handbook, on reputable internet tyre pressure charts such as the one at, and often in the vehicle’s fuel filler cap or door sill.

Condition – with a visual check, looking at the overall condition of each tyre to see if anything might have penetrated the tread, such as nails or other objects. If any of these objects, cracks or bulges are present, the driver should seek professional advice immediately.

Tread – drivers should check the tread of their tyres to ensure they are above the UK legal  tread depth minimum of 1.6mm. Ideally an accurate tread depth gauge should be used but if this is not available, a 20p coin can be used as a guide. Insert the 20p into the main sections of the tyre and at various points around the circumference – should you see the outer rim at any point, you need to have the tread depth checked as it may be illegal.

Where will your tyres take you today?

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the critical importance of tyre safety and encourage motorists to perform regular checks to ensure safe journeys.

Get Behind the Tyre Safety Message:

At TyreSafe, we believe that proactive tyre maintenance is key to safer roads for everyone. Join us in our mission to raise awareness, promote tyre safety, and save lives on our roads.

Explore our website to access valuable resources, tips, and information on tyre safety. Follow us on social media, sign up for our newsletter, and spread the word about the importance of tyre checks. Together, we can make a difference and ensure safer journeys for all.

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